Road Trip!

Although we mostly focus on American rugby, and try to keep a positive mindset about the sports future in the country, sometimes the sparse internationals and limited national league buzz isn’t enough to keep us sustained and we need some good old fashioned European games to keep us going.

I travelled to watch the Six Nations years ago and ever since I’ve been itching to get back and 2019 is looking to be the year for it. Although the tournament is hosted across Europe, I’ll be staying in Britain, if only because it’s easier to get to Twickenham, Millenium and BT Murrayfield. I’ll be their for a good few weeks, with the UK games running from early February to early March; luckily I’ll be able to save a bit of money as my friend  who I’m going with is swapping a timeshare we owns with an English friend so we can stay without spending anymore. Bargain!

Like I said, the first round fixtures kick off early February, and depending on how the trip goes, I might try to extend the trip to see some of the later ones. Either way it’ll be great to try and see some of the old rivalries play out or see proper nail biter near the end, even seeing the winner decided. American Rugby carries its own weight, but with a lack of formalised tournaments, there’s little weight to victories, because they just reset to zero after every tournament.

Either way, should be good, and I’ll report back when I can.

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