USA 7s Hit the Jackpot in Las Vegas

It is hard to believe that the USA Sevens has now spent 5 years in Vegas, and drawing in record numbers each and every time.

Once everyone got over the shock of the unexpected move, this success isn’t really a surprise. Despite concerns about the playing surface, in particular the width of the pitch, the decision to move it to somewhere with a focus like focus was applauded and there has been nothing but positivity coming from fans that have made the trip to Nevada every year.

At this point, it would be difficult to imagine the tournament being played in any other location. The city pulls in millions upon millions of people all through the year, only bolstered by it becoming a home of the American rugby community. In time, it could very well rival Dubai or Hong Kong on the IRB Circuit.

The first tournament in Las Vegas in 2010 had a modest increase in attendance from the previous venue, but there was a buzz that Vegas would be the place to stay. The tournament certainly had teething problems, but as far as finding a good fit for the sport and a growing fan-base that likes to let loose every now and then… Las Vegas came up all aces (I know, shut-up)

Now, if I could just make it there one of these years.


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