APRC: Looking Foe Fan Questions

The recent reveal of the American Pro Rugby Competition got fans across the globe fired up, raising discussions and debates far and wide. With the competition planned as a cross border venture with both American and Canadian sides taking part, the increased scope raises the stakes for coaches, players and especially fans.

Is this the event that will finally boost the profile of US Rugby we have been waiting for or is it just like the other planned competitions and events that have came and went over the years?Will the APRC be able to attract enough franchises to play by October? If this is aiming to bolster the standing of home grown talent, will there be restrictions on overseas players? If so, what will  they be? Is the APRC the finalised name of the league or just a placeholder until a sponsor is found?

There are so many questions that need asked and answered before the community can put its weight behind the endeavour. However, APRC founder Jason Moore is being interviewed by Rugby America after the holidays, and we’re opened the floor up to out readers.

If you have a question that you want me to ask Mr. Moore, please log them in the comment section below and I will pick 5-10 of the very best fan questions to pick his brains with, along with a few of my own.

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