Finally USA Rugby announces Collegiate 7’s National Championship

Following a proposal from the College Management Council, the USA Rugby Board of Directors has approved a new Collegiate Sevens National Championship, covering both Men’s and Women’s Teams that will kick off at the end of the year.

The newly named ‘USA Rugby Collegiate Rugby Sevens National Championships’ has yet to find a site that will host it, with talks currently ongoing, but the tournament will be held on the 16th and 17th of Dec, 2011, with 24 Collegiate Men’s Teams and 16 Collegiate Women’s Teams taking to the pitch.

Qualifying for the tournament will include over 125 men’s teams fighting it out for a place in smaller tournaments. These will form part of the new USA Rugby Collegiate Division I Conference Championships and Collegiate Regional Venues that include Division I and College Premier Division programs.

The winners of the various Qualifier Tournament will earn a spot in the Championship Tournament with no further games to play.  The remaining teams will be chosen by committee based on previous performance, with particular attention paid to the Qualifier Tournament.

The women’s tournament will be a 16 team affair, with the teams submitting an application to participate with teams chosen by an equivalent committee, chosen under similar criteria.

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