Utah Warriors bring new model to the RSL

After submitting a formal request to join the Rugby Super League, the Utah Warriors are bringing a model not yet seen to the world of RSL. While the team features notable figures like Mike Palefau and Jason Pye,  the squad is mostly formed from Utah natives in a roster of 35 players. Couple this with the financial backing of Utahan property man Sean Whalen and the guidance of head coach Jon Law, and we have an exciting new addition to the RSL.

Mr Law had this to say about the acendent team;  “I’m excited at the level of talent that we’ve attracted to this team. With the strength in local talent, and the vision and motivation of this staff, we have created a top-notch team that can rival any team in the league. We are expecting great things from the Utah Warriors.”

This marks a new way of managing for the RSL and we can’t wait to see if this changes bears fruit.

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