Breaking Down The USA’s Stats from George

It came as a surprise to everyone that the USA won only one out of five games this past George 7’s weekend. A team trying as hard as the US are to reach the top of the circuit, can expect a few steps back as they push through the myriad obstacles such an aim produces. However, are recent steps back too far back?

The group the US were drawn in was tough, but after their performance against Samoa, a better result against Fiji was expected. Namibia was taken out, but this game was increasingly becoming a trap for the US side.  Day 2 was a bitter bill, with the team really struggling to beat the two teams they should have walked, with numerous mistakes causing the US side to effectively beat themselves.

The US side needs to see major improvement in their tackling and propensity for making amateurish mistakes. With limited time and opportunities inherent to a game of 7s, such mistakes can cause points against you in a heartbeat.

With a dead last finish at 55 tackles made, roughly 11 a game, these figures for the US were down drastically from 81 made in Dubai that was near the top of the leaderboard, an effort that put them near the top of the leaderboard. Their error numbers also climbed from 13 to 29 between tournaments, with just over 10 surrendered positions a game.

However, there is a silver lining to this cloud. While Dubai saw a united defence, George saw a hereto unseen consistency in the offence. If the two parts can work it out between them, the US side will see the consitency it so badly needs.


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